Roof Cleaning

Leading-Edge Tech for the Best Result

Our advanced none-low pressure soft-wash system is patented with proven result.
It begins with thorough clean out your gutter system(inside) and all roof surfaces.
The first application of special formula to the roof, killing all mosses and neutralizing the unsightly algaes. 
A second application ensures it is 100% eliminated. Each application contains a special additive to inhibit future growth and keep your roof looking newer, longer. roof cleaning

Quality Work and Affordable Rate

  • Rate is dependent on roof type, pitch and level of infestation etc.
  • High-pitched(steep)&Clay/Concrete tiles/Cedar Shake roofs have a higher cost to clean
  • Average size Asphalt Shingle roofs are generally one-day job 
  • Average size Tile/Cedar Roofs are generally two(or more)-day job
  • The cleaning cost is usually about/under 5% of your roof replacement cost
  • Average 25¢-$1 per sq/ft(for guideline only)

No-Moss Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

  • We're confident about our workmanship so to offer you the best possible after-sale service
  • In the event that your roofs shingles redevelop moss within 24 months  of treatment, we will retreat the affected area(s) at no additional cost
  • Partially roof cleaning doesn't qualify for the Two-Year Warranty